June’s First Ripe Strawberry

The quest for a patch of green led us to French Prairie Gardens to pick sun warmed strawberries by the bucketful, enough to make batches of deliciously old-fashioned strawberry jams and jellies.  As long-legged spiders scuttled at my meddling in their shaded nests of leaves, I spotted my first plump prize.  Baked inside June’s first ripe strawberry was the essence of the sweet, warm summer day.

Strawberry Tips:

Unripe strawberries will not ripen once picked, so only pick the plumpest, reddest berries.  I found the best way to store them is in the refrigerator, unwashed, and in an air tight container on a paper towel.  The paper towel will absorb any moisture and prevent spoiling.  When freezing strawberries, wash them first, then cut the hulls off and put them in a freezer bag.  My favorite way to enjoy strawberries is fresh, with no sugar, and soaked in a little balsamic vinegar.

Did you know?

Strawberries were originally called strewberries because the fruit was strewn amongst the leaves of the plant.


French Prairie Gardens


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