Along the Shoreline

In the sweltering heat of July, we found relief on the northern coast of Oregon, near a popular vacation spot known as Cannon Beach.  Dipping our toes into the staggeringly cold water, we swept along the shoreline to where the soft, sandy beach intersected an enticing collection of ancient basalt.  Zigzagging through animate colonies of rock-hugging mussels, we studied tidal pools alive with flowering sea anemones and leafy sea lettuce.  High above our heads, a commingling constellation of Western seagulls sailed toward an isolated lighthouse surrounded by the thundering waves.  As we reached the height of our vigilant climb, the midsummer’s sun awarded us with a breathtaking vista of the sparkling and captivating Pacific Ocean.

For lunch, we stopped at Dooger’s Seafood & Grill in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  This fantastic spot has the best clam chowder we’ve ever had.  If you can’t make it to Dooger’s anytime soon, you can actually mail order the Dooger’s Clam Chowder Kit on their website, or try out their delicious clam chowder recipe I found below.  It’s so tasty!

Dooger’s Clam Chowder Recipe

1 lb boiling potatoes
1 cup half and half
1 cup whipping cream
16 ounces clams
1/4 teaspoon seasoning salt (savor salt)
dash ground thyme
dash white pepper

Peel and boil potatoes.  Drain and mash lightly.  Set aside.  Put clams in a pot and heat.  Add potatoes and seasonings.  Let simmer to keep hot.  Heat milk and cream until scalding.  Add to clam mixture.  Put a dab of butter in the bowl before serving.

Did you know?

Giant clam, also known as bear’s paw clam, can weigh over 500 pounds and attain a length of over 4 feet.  Now that will make a lot of clam chowder!


Cannon Beach


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