Yurt Camping

So we cheated just a little.  We went camping at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park in a deluxe yurt – a ready made tent, complete with electricity, heat, plumbing, a kitchen, and a full bathroom.

Yurts were traditionally used as homes for nomads in Mongolia and Central Asia.  These round homes are quite popular in Oregon and you will find yurt campsites booked all summer long, so it is best to reserve early, or try your luck with a cancellation.  The Umpqua Lighthouse Yurts sit right on Lake Marie and are less than a mile from Winchester Bay.

During the day, we took a hike around Lake Marie, and stopped by the nearby
Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area.  For dinner, we decided to try one of the local spots and ate at Griff’s on the Bay (the yurts also come with a bbq grill for cooking your own meal).

At night, we picked up wine and firewood and roasted marshmallows around the fire ring.  Later, we headed  inside the yurt to watch a movie on our laptop (the yurts also come with a TV and VCR).  The deluxe yurts provide beds to sleep 7, but if you prefer your own bed, there is plenty of room in the center of the floor to set up an air mattress, which is what we did.

Some of the nearby attractions we also visited on our trip were:  Umpqua River Lighthouse, Oregon Dunes, Cape Perpetua, Devils Churn, Oregon Coast Aquarium, and Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

**To find yurt camping in your area, please visit   Yurts.com . You would be surprised to see how many different places provide yurt rentals!

Did you know?

The yurt roof design creates an incredibly strong and resilient structure that is uniquely equipped to withstand earthquakes, strong winds and heavy snow loads.


Umpqua Lighthouse State Park



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2 responses to “Yurt Camping

  1. Pretty cool man! Yurt! We dont have those here. It might get a little cold for that.

  2. There are yurts in AK! Click on http://www.yurts.com/how/yurt-vacations.aspx and scroll down to find Alaska. I see some really cool ones there I’d like to visit too!

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